Meet me

Javier Marcos


Biologist and explorer

My name is Javier Marcos, Spanish biologist and adventurer.

Today it gives me great pleasure to invite you on a journey around the world via the contents of these pages. Through this expedition, you will be able to enjoy my best images, photographs and documents about the last remaining wild paradises on the planet. From which, you can understand its flora and fauna, its last surviving indigenous cultures with whom I lived with the intention of learning their ancestral way of life.

In this website you’ll have access to my articles and interviews that have appeared in a wide range of magazines, newspapers, television and international conferences. From my books you can follow in the footsteps of my adventures throughout all the continents, discovering the best routes and places in which you’ll find unspoilt plant and animal life.

It only remains for me to say thank you for your interest in my work and to wish you a thrilling voyage through these pages. If you have any queries, questions or suggestions please do not hesitate to get in touch via the ‘contact me’ section of the website.

Bon Voyage and let the adventure begin!


Javier Marcos



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